A Race

Running A Race

We humans, actually trace the Olympic Games back to the ancient Greeks. Two of some of the most athletic events were foot races and fighting back then. Well, competition has been on for so long, and it is not any smaller now. Races happen every single day, and it is also an integral part of so many athletic events and people do seem to love it a lot indeed. Racing is when two or more people decide to run a certain distance, as fast as they can to see who would win, and that is something fun as well. Click here!

Let us now examine the characteristics of a foot race and also how they apply to our calling.

  • A race has a starting point and also a finish line. There is also a place and time when a race would start. There is also a place and time as to when it would end. A race does have a starting signal, and we don’t start running whenever we feel like it. We start running when we hear the referee shoot the gun into the air or when we hear someone yell “GO!”

our calling. 

  • A race will also have a pre-determined course, and all of the participants will have to follow this course no matter what. Any deviations will result in disqualification. It would be best if you ran in the directions that are appropriately instructed to you at the starting of the race.
  • The race will obviously have a reward. Most of the races actually give out 4 awards. 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place and a consolation prize as well. These are all of the prizes that you could get in a race.
  • The races are certainly hard to win, and you should have conditioned yourself properly for it. You should have trained hard, and you should be able to run fast for long distances without getting fatigued or without feeling faint as well.

yourself to limits

  • Your training requires you to also maintain a diet that will give you energy and also one that will help you push yourself to limits. You should know in your mind that there are certainly no shortcuts to victory and it will not be handed to you. You should try your best to work towards it. There are also no miracles that will let you off the hook either.
  • You should train hard and run fast and well as well. Endurance is key. You should endure the grunt of high intensity training.
  • Another thing that you should keep in mind is that you should do your best to time yourself and every single time you do, you should try and beat your previous best time.


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