Safe Driving Area – Kart Track

The kart track is very technical, with a series of fast and slow curves and counter-curves, which technically represent a medium-high degree of difficulty; curves that reflect characteristics similar to the best international circuits.

The track contains 16 curves, 10 of which on the right and 6 on the left.

The main straight is 120 meters long and the direction of travel is clockwise.

Safety is guaranteed by the provision of elastic barriers along the route, arranged according to the tangents of possible exit of the vehicles from the roadway.

In the plant there are also areas for driving exercises, with irrigable asphalt and areas for slalom, grip and aquaplaning tests.

The buildings supporting the activities are: garage building and 1900 m2 restaurant, with panoramic terrace, fair building and box for the 1,500sqm kart track. , 1,000 sq m commercial building and bar and educational building of 450 square meters.

The system is proposed as a dynamic and multifunctional structure, designed for the performance of all motoring activities, with a strong commercial vocation.

Track development 1040 m
Maximum track width 10 m
Minimum track width 8 m
Curves number 16
Number of curves on the right 10
Number of curves on the left 6
Direction of travel Schedule
Max. Transverse slope 3%
Maximum straight length 128 m