Who We Are

Hi everyone, welcome to our world ..

The Circuit of San Martino del Lago was born from the great passion for the world of engines of two brothers, Marzio and Alessandro Canevarolo.

Marzio with a passion for motorcycles in particular, practicing Alessandro Kartista.

Well, everything started from these feelings: the project has been in the canterization phase for a year, but it has been in practice for 8 years.

Needless to say, how many adversities and obstacles were there to make the project operational; but, with tenacity and constancy, we can finally say that this work has become reality.

With great pleasure we at the San Martino del Lago Circuit, we welcome you, hoping that our efforts may have given birth to a system based on concepts, fresh and innovative young people: first of all, we are two guys who have tried to achieve a complex that fully meets all the needs of our future customers, not forgetting that we were the first customers of other plants.

Guys April 2020 is around the corner, we are waiting for you …

Marzio & Alessandro Canevarolo